The Short Cut to Solving Your Problems

Written by David Sherry
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Let's first start with what is currently the recipe of the day for solving your problems.

You have a problem, maybe with a co-worker at the office, or with a client who's being difficult. Maybe it's with your spouse, a friend, or a group you regularly attend. 

Or maybe you’re trapped in your own head. 

Maybe your wondering "what's wrong with me?" and why is it that I can't keep focused, or stick to my goals.

Regardless of the problem...

We try and fix it.

That's natural, right?

We buy a book, attend a conference, surf the medium blogs...

We look for a cure.

Or worse, we look for a fix to the feeling that arises when we feel this problem acutely.

We buy junk food, turn on Netflix, reflexively type in "" into our browser.

Worse yet, we snap at people, we get cold, we cry for an hour to a friend for the 5th time this month, or we tune out all together.


That's life?

Yes, that's life. 

It IS life when you take the short cut to solving your problems.

The short cut to solving your problems is the quick fix.

The short cut to solving your problems is the immediate reaction that occurs when a problem arises.

The short cut to solving your problems is the path of least resistance.


Because it feels  good.

It feels good?

Yes. It DOES feel good when you go to Facebook, when you look at porn, when you lash out in anger at a family member, when you eat junk food....

So whats' the problem?

The problem is that because you have been approaching life in this way, using the short-cut immediate fix to your problems...

They never go away.  

They persist.

Over, and over and over, in an infinite loop...


Because we've always taken the short cut to feeling good in the moment instead of the long way of feeling good forever.

I will let that take a bit to simmer.

So I'll keep writing words that are easy for you to read even though you're no longer paying attention to them. 

When a problem comes up in our lives, we've always taken the short cut to feeling good in the moment instead of the long way of feeling good forever. 

Our gut reactions are wrong.

Our habitual responses to problems are harmful. 

And we misunderstand the fundamental nature of why we face adversity on a regular basis.

So here is something that you maybe have never considered...

Do you really know what your problems are?

What if you only were seeing the surface, and missing the ocean?

This is all a lot to take in, but I'm going to continue. I do so only to give you an alternative opinion. An alternative perspective. I tell you this because.. I don't know why but it feels like information that has been hidden (certainly from me) and from you as well. 

So let's wipe the mirror clean of dust so that we may see ourselves perfectly clear...

What is a problem?

A problem is a challenge to who we believe ourselves to be.

What is the solution to that problem ?

First, letting what I just said truly sink in. 

Then, understanding that taking the short cut is never the solution to your problem...

More later.

xx David

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