The Gold List

A weekly letter on Marketing and Influence
From David Sherry
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What is Marketing?

" " We take emotional risks, by introducing new ideas to the people in our orbit. These new ideas were hard won in their own right; they come from the depth of exploration within ourselves. They come from years of struggle, and from our whole journey up until this point. They come from the edge of the horizon that we can currently see. As we approach that horizon, we have generously decided to come back from it, to share what we've found with those who are paying us with their attention. Becuse when we share what we've found, it creates a positive game between us and our audience. This creates a mutually beneficial opportunity, one where you're rewarded for finding your own personal edge and insight, which is rewarded by attention and money from those you serve. In this process, if we've done our job, we change how someone sees the world. This doesn't happen immediately, but instead over time. And it must start with where our audience members are, rather than where we are. This process of translating what we see, to meet an audience member where they are, is the toughest part of the job. Because, for us, we can see far off into the distance. But for our customers and audience, they might see only so far. Meeting them where they are is the only effective way of helping them change. You can't go right to calculous, skipping algebra. But, If we're we're successful in helping change how someone sees the world, then we have the opportunity to sell them a product. We sell them a product for their benefit, not just for our own. Our customers buy from us first because they choose believe in the stories we share with them. Next, our customers buy from us because our product helps them embody these beliefs. Last, becuse of how we've connected with them over time, how we've built a relationship based on trust and specifically because the product comes from YOU and not anyone else. Marketing is the expression of a relationship based on the guidance of an entrepeneur telling stories that create insight in the lives of their customers. Great entrepeneurs and creators explore the depths of their craft, returning with gold.

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