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The Reader is the Hero

There is something more scarce than customer attention...And that's you focusing your attention on THEM. This is your opportunity as artists and brands today. To understand that you build your influence by guiding the audience, each a hero in their own story, to accomplishing or becoming something new.

Virtual Collaboration Software and Processes.

Team communication is still a problem, especially for remote teams who rarely sync up in person.


Have I taken my life beyond its logical limit? Have I turned this opportunity into its own form of Art?

Change Happens

Whether we like it or not, things change. Life moves, and it's dynamic in such a way that it's complexities keep the wheels of time turning. And just as we get oh so comfy in our seat at the table the sand starts to shift.

Good Stories Remind us of Something

When we introduce an idea to someone, it's not the first time they've heard the idea. That's because, thanks to the English language, we're using existing building blocks: concepts, words, and stories that we have woven together in such a way to make something new.

Keep Showing Up: A Report on Standing Out and Building a Meaningful Brand in A Crowded Market

This is a report on the state of how we market, communicate and brand our products.It’s a dissection of the trappings of modern marketing channels, and an observation about how we lose our soul to them…and then how to win it back.It’s a voicing of the truth of why certain brands, stories, and people spread through the market and have the wind at their backs, whereas others struggle, shout, and fall victim to the ocean of information being shared every day.

Tell a Useful Story.

What is Marketing?

As marketers and storytellers, we put ourselves out there on behalf of the people we serve.

I'm an Idiot, and I'm an Artist

I'm not an intellectual.I'm, in fact, an idiot. But I'm an Artist.

The Truth About Motivation and Momentum

One thing I get as common questions from readers is how to build or maintain momentum. It seems that every time we start on a new path, our excitement wanes.

What is a Story For?

As Podcasting grows, we’re seeing a resurgence of the “Oral Tradition.” We willingly listen to other people talk for hours, in our ears as a preference to real human contact or simply sitting in silence. It’s insatiable.

What it's like in 2019...

And we all are pursuing a goal. You meet up with friends for a special occasion to catch up. This isn't like just walking in your neighbors front door. It's been a month since you've seen each other, and so it takes a bit of time to debrief what has happened since you've last spoken. A month is a long time, and sometimes it's more...

What's Done is Done.

What is the opposite of anxiety? Effectiveness.

Understanding First Impressions

First impressions are hard to predict. That means that the only strategy seems to be being ready for them at any given time. Even more importantly, we know that first impressions kick our emotions and instincts into high gear when we meet someone (or something) new.

The Short Cut to Solving Your Problems

A problem is a challenge to who we believe ourselves to be.

The Foundation of our Work

Is the foundation of your work your education? Or maybe it’s your mission? Maybe it’s your religion? Maybe it’s your past experiences or some combination of the three? If we look at this, we know that a foundation is informative of what we create over the course of our life.

Friday Coffee, Austin

Hey and hello from Austin, Texas, Ya'll.

Marketing is Leadership

That what we do for work, how we spend our time, what we buy, what we wear, where we travel… all stories.

Breaking the Spell

There is a pattern that keeps playing out in my life. And I've tried to break it at least 1,000 times before. And as I'm becoming more aware now, I'm understanding the nuance.

My Growth has Stalled, Should I Change Career Paths?

There's no point in climbing Everest if you hate the view at the top...

Inhale. Exhale.

Enjoy this moment. Somewhere something you’re doing is going well.

The Things We Cover Up...

It is Honesty that frees us and opens us up to new possibilities.

Russian Doll on Netflix

Either way, they're driving eyeballs, investing in creative, and are unafraid to deliver in niches like comedy and cooking.


We believe that if we are simply to try something on our own it will surely fail.

Sync – Sunday Coffee

Synchronization goes beyond space and time, as we see illustrated above.

CC – How Do I Find New Clients?

The idea is to understand, "At what point in time is it that someone has a need arise for your service?"

The Spark

I was building new landing page for my 3rd iteration on an idea that I had been thinking about and working on for months. I hadn't really gotten any traction.

Compliments, and Criticisms

When is there value in criticism?

The Future of Marketing is Community Building

Attention online has seemed to get more and more difficult over time.

Trusting Yourself

In today's world with information so abundant, we need a strong sense of ourselves which serves as a protective layer.

CC: How Do I Grow Without Getting Burnt Out?

Look at what catches and then create a process to fan the flames, continually so it doesn't die out.

Email of the Day

Dear David, Your email about stories and how these stories can have an influence on us triggered a need in me to share a story with you.

What We Want

What is it that would be unacceptable for me to NOT have in the next year, or 5 years?

Stories and Symbols

They've been used since the beginning of time to point us in directions.

CC, How do I Make Something New?

The sameness you're seeing is thanks to an echo chamber that's repeatedly sharing the same ideas which are recycled over and over again.

Don't Hesitate

Thinking happens best after our work is done, and miles before our work starts again. Thinking is for setting a direction.

A Brand in 10 Ideas

1. Every Brand is a Promise.

Submit What's on Your Mind

There is an opportunity to shift further towards community.

The Thought Tornado

There are nuances that relate to our mindset which drive our actions further than surface level fixes.

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