Hey, I'm David.                 I help independent
Entrepeneurs and artists grow their influence
and build a unique brand around who they are.

For the past 6 years, I built Death to Stock

We are a fully bootstrapped, remote company providing refreshing visuals to brands like Twitter, Visa, Xero and TED.

DTS grew to 500k+ email subscribers and $1M+ revenue without advertising.

Wait... How? I talk about it some here, here, and here, in my email list and in my course (below).

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Generously Human:
Learn to naturally build an audience around who you are

Most people get trapped is in the tactics... the email lists, funnels, SEO…Suddenly you’re spinning your wheels but not making progress.

Generously Human is for introverts, non-conformists and empathetic leaders, founders, and community organizers who want to build a business and brand for the long run.

Team Photography for Brands to show off their culture

At your office or on a retreat, my goal is to make your team shine simply by being themselves. I'll come hang out, and you'll get...

• Team Headshots (no more avatars)

• Founder photos (for PR, to look pro)

• Team Working Photos (For your blog).

• Culture (Show off in your job listings)

If your company has invested in a beautiful website or office, spent $$ on recruiting and culture...but don't have assets to show it off, get in touch.

Check out my shoot for Buffer.

One-on-One Coaching and Development for Founders.

For 6 years I built Death to Stock, a Subscription business for premium media used by brands like TED, Xero and Twitter. 3 years in, the brand had done $1M in revenue and had grown to almost 400,000 subscribers as a bootstrapped business.

Then I got shingles at 26 (!).

Suddenly, I was reactive in my business instead of proactive. It’s like I became aware of how much I didn’t know, and so I started questioning myself. I started hiring consultants. I was creatively stuck, and I thought that following others or forcing things was the way out…

After 3 years of deep discovery on my relationship with my business, stress, what produces my best creative work, and how creators think (writing over 180 blog posts on the topic) I discovered that I had everything I needed all along... Duh!

All I needed to do was show up as ME, and I had covered up my best self that brought me results in my business.

If your desire is to grow your business, increase the influence of your brand, build more free time in your company or shift directions to something my enjoyable and productive, I’m here to help.

Marketing, messaging, brand influence, finding your next opportunity for growth....

I'm here to help

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